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Russia first attacked Ukraine without declaring war in 2014 and annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea. Then Russian militants partially occupied two eastern regions of Ukraine. On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.
We are EdTech company from Ukraine, and we want to pay attention to the situation in Ukraine. We are preparing an online course in which we discuss the real reasons for Russia's invasion of Ukraine and why we manage to deter such a strong aggressor.
Also, We give 50% of the company's total earnings to support 10 million refugees and to buy medicines for the wounded Ukrainians. Supporting us - you support Ukraine!
Every purchase will help to save lives.
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Find out why Russia invaded Ukraine from top Ukrainian experts
Learn about the Ukrainian struggle for sovereignty lasting more than 7 centuries
Help Ukrainian refugees with humanitarian needs
course program
Module 1:
1. February 24: Russian Invasion of Ukraine. History
Module 2:
Historical Context
2. From first tribes to the biggest European country
3. The fall of Kievan Rus and the search for identity in the Middle Ages
4. Cossack State and the struggle for freedom
5. Destruction of Ukrainianness by the Russian Empire in the XVII-XIX centuries
6. The national liberation struggle of the XX century
Module 3:
7. Impact of the War in Ukraine
8. President Putin’s Motivations & NATO
9. The phenomenon of President Zelensky
10. The concept of inviolability of borders and changes in world politics
Module 4:
Ongoing war
11. Ukrainian resistance: army, IT specialists, creatives, volunteers
12. April 24: 60 days of the war. Short summary of the ongoing war in Europe
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We are almost done with the production of our course. After you leave a request, we will ask you to answer a few questions that will help us make the product as useful as possible for you. Once the course production is finished, we will send you an email.
What will the funds be used for?
For the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians – medicines, food, clothing and essentials.
What are your guarantees?
We will regularly publish confirmations of our donations to Ukrainian funds on our social networks. The screenshots of the donation for your specific item will be personally sent via e-mail.
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50% of all money goes to the Ukrainian humanitarian needs, while other 50% we use to cover up all the costs
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